Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Matt Signal Advent Calendar 2015 Day 22: Teen Titans Go! "Salty Codgers"

Teen Titans Go!
“Salty Codgers,” Season 2, Episode 8, 2014

Dan Says:

Teen Titans Go! is one of those shows my 4-year-old can watch incessantly, and I don’t mind. Its DNA contains everything from Batman: The Brave and the Bold to Ren & Stimpy, and it’s generally a silly delight.

But the episode that gets me giggling the hardest is “Salty Codgers,” in which the villain Mad Mod, who shares Austin Powers’ fashion sense, turns the Titans into old people. Except Raven, who while normally the crankiest member, delights at being surrounded by sweet-smelling “salty codger” versions of her friends.

There’s also a chase scene in which the Titans go up against 1960s-style British animation (read: Yellow Submarine and Monty Python), but somehow it gets lost in all the scenes of Raven kissing wrinkly foreheads.

Somehow, by being transformed into a senior citizen, Cyborg inherits grandchildren. “Where did the grandbabies come from?” an aged Starfire asks Raven. “Nooobody knoooows,” Raven replies, then both look to camera. For some reason, this cracks me up every time.

But, like all old people, the Titans die, leaving Raven to journey to the underworld to revive her friends, who return as incoherent zombies, pleasing the half-demon hero even more. The episode ends there, sans lesson, and it’s never mentioned again, because this isn’t the ’80s and children’s cartoons don’t end with little lessons like “Don’t play with matches” or “Don’t resurrect the dead.”

For more on Teen Titans Go!, check out this DVD review I wrote earlier this year.

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