Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Link Friday

I had a couple plans for this week's recommended reading, but I haven't had time to do my standard research, and I think the timing isn't right now, so instead I'm just tossing out a few links that I think you might all might enjoy.

- I think I've brought it up before here as well as on Facebook, but in case I haven't, I've also been writing reviews for Graphic Novel Reporter. I've gotten three up so far, Bone Vol.1: Tribute Edition, Twisted Dark Vol.1, and Exquisite Corpse. Check them out, and keep your eye out, because there will be two more of my reviews popping up in a short while, Louise Brooks: Detective and The League of Regrettable Superheroes. And once you've read my reviews, poke around on the site and read some others. These are smart, great people writing.

- I'm a big fan of Adventure Time, the fantasy/sci-fi/coming-of-age/everything-including the kitchen sink animated series from Cartoon Network. And I'm a big fan of podcasts. Last week, a new podcast dedicated to Adventure Time started on the Infinite Guest network, called Conversation Parade. Hosted by John Moe, comedian and host of the comedy/music variety show Wits (look it up, seriously. Neil Gaiman has been a repeat guest, and they did a phenomenal crossover with The Thrilling Adventure Hour), and Open Mike Eagle, rapper and Wits regular guest, there are only two episodes up, so you don't have a lot of catching up to do. The first episode has the hosts discussing the fraternal relationship between Finn and Jake, and an interview with the voice of Jake, John DiMaggio (who has also voiced Bender on Futurama, The Joker in Batman: Under the Red Hood, and more other parts than I can name readily). The second discusses the Enchiridion and the Ice King's crown as well as the Earl of Lemongrab, and has an interview with co-executive producer Adam Muto. It's a wonderful, thoughtful look at what might be the deepest and most insane cartoon on television right now.

- Atomic Robo is back! Well, sort of. New material is now popping up on It's just, none of it features Robo yet. We're building towards Robo's big return after the events of his time travel adventure in Knights of the Golden Circle. Here's the link to the beginning of the new material, so check it out and keep reading for regular doses of new Robo, which is a highlight for any day.

- I've been playing a lot of RPGs with my bi-weekly gaming group lately. I'm currently running a Dresden Files RPG campaign that I can't say too much about, since some of my players read this and I don't want to spoil my Machiavellian plans by giving away too much. And the Kickstarter for an RPG based on the excellent weird Western comic The Sixth Gun closed yesterday, and I'm pretty sure I'll be playing that one once my copies arrive. I love RPGs, as they allow you to immerse yourself in a character and world in an interactive manner. I've run games and played as well, and it's all just a ton of fun.

- And don't forget, The Matt Signal's own Dan Grote is currently writing The Press of Atlantic City's pop culture blog, Wednesday Morning Quarterback. Always worth a check Wednesday morning.

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