Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Matt Signal Advent Calendar 2014 Day 24: Atomic Robo Free Comic Book Day Special 2009

Atomic Robo Free Comic Book Day Special 2009, May 2009

One of the best parts of Free Comic Book Day is discovering new comics. And in 2009, I was reading through the stack of free comics, and one stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

I had seen Atomic Robo on the racks, and it looked neat, but we had sold out of issue one, and so I figured I'd get the trade. And I am as guilty as anyone; trade waiting becomes hoping you remember to get the trade when it eventually does come out to forgetting. And so I forgot. But when you have that ideal free price, it reminds you about your curiosity.

Atomic Robo is everything I love in comics. It's smart, it's clever, it neither takes itself too seriously, nor does it treat everything like it's a big joke. It perfectly blends humor and action. Robo is an amazing protagonist, and this first issue spotlighted his brains and sense of humor. Not to mention the sense of wonder that infuses everything in Robo's world, how amazing things are around every corner. And it also introduced Dr. Dinosaur. The only affection in my life that has lasted longer than my loves of comics is my love of dinosaurs, so a mad scientist raptor was too good a concept for me to articulate.

I saved this one for last specifically because my first real, full post on this very blog was a recommended reading for Atomic Robo. It was to comics what I wanted this blog to be for comic book blogs: full of the joy of comics.

With that, ladies and gents, it is Christmas Eve, and so I am off to spend the rest of this week with family and friends. Have a merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and I hope you're back next year for more of The Matt Signal. I have some exciting plans for 2015, and I hope you'll be here for them.

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