Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Beginning of a Bold New Era!

Or would it have been better to say "The Old Order Changeth!" Or maybe, "Welcome Back to The Matt Signal, We Hope You Survive the Experience!"

OK, so again I fell off the face of the Earth, and for that, gentle reader, I apologize. Real life kind of kicks you in the butt sometimes, not in a bad way, but in a butt kicking sort of way. But, I'm back, and I'm committing myself to getting back on track. Two posts a week, the normal two, for the next couple of weeks, and then starting in March, alternating weekly features on Thursday or Sunday (I haven't made up my mind on which). One week will be a post celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary, since, shocking to anyone who has never read this blog and not at all to anyone who has, I love Batman, and this is a big anniversary. And the following week, there will be a post celebrating Star Wars comics at Dark Horse before the license moves to Marvel. But have no fear, to paraphrase The Bard, I come not to mourn Star Wars but to praise it.

But more than that, I'm gonna give you some extra bang for your non-buck. Because there is also going to be a weekly column written by someone else. Yes indeed, look forward to midweek columns from my good friend Dan Grote, novelist, journalist, and all around great guy. The first of those will pop up tomorrow or Wednesday, but first here are his answers to the same three questions I answered when I started this blog.

1) What is the first comic you remember reading?

The first comic I can remember reading was a STAR MadBalls comic, I want to say.

2) What is your favorite comic/series of all time?

Favorite series is Brian K. Vaughn's Ex Machina, with Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan a close second.

3) What is it about comics that you love?

Comics are the closest thing humans have to immortality. Characters like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Daredevil have been working for 50 to 75 years without a break, and their penetration across multiple media platforms ensures their continued employment and vitality for decades to come.

So that's the news around these parts. If you've been reading for a while, thanks for sticking around, and if you're new, welcome! It's going to be an exciting time here at The Matt Signal.

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