Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday on the Links: Blogs & Webcomics I Love

As I think about trying to expand my readership here and spread the word of good comics, I was thinking about the blogs and webcomics I read religiously, and I thought I might list some here, spread the love and hope some of it comes back my way. Like I said originally, my chief goal with this blog was to have a haven against snark and negativity, and so I'm mostly going to be listing blogs and webcomics I feel are positive to the comics blogosphere. If you like what I'm doing on The Matt Signal, check some of these out too.

The Lost Issues - The title of this blog has gone from Brave and the Bold, to Marvel Two-In-One, and now to Super-Team-Family. It features comic covers featuring two, usually cross-company, characters created from existing covers. It shows a real love of all these comics, and the amount of effort put into making the covers seamless is awesome.

Our Valued Customers - OK, so this one is a tad snarky. Our Valued Customers is a collection of comments made by people at the comic shop where the cartoonist works, accompanied by one panel illustrations of the speaker. While a lot of them are what you'd expect from stereotypical comic shop patrons, there are some like this one that reenforce my belief that children are our future.

Hey Oscar Wilde! - A collection of art by comic artists and creators featuring their favorite literary characters and authors. I dare you to not get sucked into looking at all of them.

DC Women Kicking Ass - An uncompromising look at female characters and creators, and their use (and misuse) in the modern comics industry, focusing mostly on DC Comics. This can be a painful blog to read at times, not because it's poorly written, but mostly because it's well written and so often right. But still, it's clear the blogger loves DC Comics, and just wants things to be better, so I keep going back for more.

Lady Sabre & The Pirates Of The Ineffable Aether - Greg Rucka & Rick Burchett's awesome steampunk pirate comic. If the creators and the high concept don't sell you, I don't know what will. This is so awesome it might make it's way to a recommended reading at some point. And even better for those who haven't tried it, they're between chapters right now, so there's some time to catch up before the next chapter starts.

Darths and Droids - So this one isn't really a comic book related blog, but I've been following it for years and I think it appeals to the same sensibilities. In a world where Star Wars doesn't exist as a big budget movie franchise but as a table-top RPG, follow the adventures of the characters we know as if they were player characters in an RPG. Hilarious at most times, it plays off all the tropes of RPG players, so many of which I know from my own years playing. if you read it from the start you watch the characters who are playing the great heroes and villains of the galaxy grow up too. Well worth going back and starting from the beginning.

Let's Be Friends Again  - You might know these guys from their "Comics, Everybody!" strips on Comics Alliance, but their own strips are equally funny. As much self-deprecating humor as comic book commentary, the strip is just a ton of fun.

And of course, when talking about comic blogs, I can't forget to mention Comic Book Resources' Comics Should be Good!, home of some excellent commentary and phenomenal weekly columns. Now, what are you waiting for? Go check them out and be back here tomorrow for Monday reviews.

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